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"The whole arrangement has been very good. Number of days, number of participants, the content, the atmosphere that our fantastic course leaders managed to create. The way to interweave theory, practice and connection to our realities. "

Quotes from participants

Conscious change management

This is not an education about change. This is development of you and your ability to make a difference by leadingconscious, innovative and confident  in change and complexity. Throughout the program, your development takes place based on development that you drive in your organization. This is where you have the greatest chance to make a difference, learn and develop. 

Overall review4.8 of 5

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"Do you have a feeling that there is something in you, a power, that has not been fully accessed or expressed?
Then this is the program for you!! The more you open up and give of yourself - the more you get out of the program.

People working together

To consciously lead change

means that you develop your own ability to be present, understand events and contribute in a way that creates movement in development and changeg processes. As a conscious change leader, you yourself are your main tool. 


The program is experience- and process-oriented with a clear focus on practical ability. The theory rests on Gestalt methodology and systems theory, where understanding of development, wholeness and human interaction are central starting points.

During the program, experienced leaders will enrich, support and challenge you in your development process by adding new perspectives, theories, tools and methods. Taking part in other participants' experiences contributes to further insights and learning. You will also receive continuous feedback, coaching and supervision based on your specific assignment.

The program turnedturns to You

who is a manager, leader or key person tasked with leading and supporting development and change. PThe program is suitable for you who want to develop yourself in your professional role and who are looking for a safer and more effective way to lead yourself and others in complexity and change.


In order to develop during the program, you need to be prepared to see and reflect on yourself, your own reactions and actions in different situations. This will increase your self-awareness in relation to your mission, the people you interact with and the system you are in.


The group meets for a total of 8 days spread over 5 occasions. During the program you are expected to work actively with change and development work in your own organization or as a consultant for another organization. 

The methodology and structure mean that your change and development work can be at the start as well as in the middle or in the final phase. 


Day 1           Introduction day

Day 2 – 3     Module 1- Boarding

Day 4  5     Module 2

Day 6 7      Modul 3 

Day 8           Follow-up and closing day 

Business-tailored programs are offered. 

For open program  SEK 52,000 excluding VAT (20% discount for organizations that register two or more participants). Costs for boarding  is added for module 1.

An individual coaching conversation is included. 

Max 12 participants. 

Value for you who follow the program

is an increased understanding of change processes at both individual, group and organizational level.


You will get new ways and tools to see, explore and understand what happens in organizations and yourself as a leader. This will help you make the right bets along the way. An increased awareness of what resistance means for you and others will also increase your security and strengthen your chances of succeeding in your change work.


In the other participants, you will also have access to a diversity of experiences and a valuable network where you will be able to continue to support each other even after the program. 


 My own leadership - myself as a tool 

 The importance of contracting 

 Change as a process 

 To understand where we are and where we want to be 

 Drive and support change - what's the difference? 

 To understand and face resistance

 Leading in complexity and uncertainty 

 Understanding the organization as human systems and  psychological fields 

 To act consciously at different system levels - interventions at individual, group and organizational level 

 Effective methods to support change processes by  involve, commit and lead facilitatively 

 The meaning of leading consciously present here and now 

Programme Leading in change

The program is led by

Lennart Wärmlind & Carina Livh

Course program (pdf)

Currently, only enterprise-specific programs are offered.


Lennart Wärmlind 0703 - 79 15 82

Carina Livh 072 - 728 25 20

or by e-mail



Quotes from participants

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Lead consciously, innovatively and confidently in complexity

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