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Collaborate virtually

Today, we need to be able to lead, meet and collaborate virtually more effectively, creatively and humanely than ever before.

Due to the fact that many organizations quickly need to change to remote work, we offer free consultations in leading, meeting and collaborating effectively virtually. We especially care about authorities with socially critical tasks, but all businesses are offered the opportunity. Based on your specific situation, we support you by:

  • Get an overview of your needs and what you should focus on to succeed.

  • Design and facilitate your virtual meetings, workshops and events effectively, creatively and humanely.

  • Lead and develop your virtual teams to high efficiency, creative interaction and self-management ability.

Our team will help you

We are experts in methods, working methods and behaviors in virtual collaboration and can support you regardless of the technical platform. Our assignments have involved coaching a number of leaders and members of virtual teams as well as designing and facilitating virtual meetings, workshops and larger events. We have also supported in the development and implementation of strategies, trainings and practical guides in virtual collaboration.

Virtuellt samarbete

Collaborate Virtually

Creative, efficient and human remotely

Fästpunkt - Samabeta effektivt virtuellt
Carl-Johan Lillieroth
Carl Johan Lillieroth

Call + 46 70 770 30 65

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Emilie Sundborn
Emelie Sundborn

Call + 46 70 938 00 38

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Lennart Wärmlind 3.png
Lennart Wärmlind

Call + 46 703 79 15 82

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 At Videcio, we have virtual collaboration in our DNA. Already fifteen years ago we accepted the challenge to develop as effective virtual teams as physical ones. We succeeded and were trusted to, together with researchers and other experts, build up the Volvo Group's internal consulting and training activities for virtual collaboration. Also at the City of Stockholm, Västra Götaland region and in many other organisations, we have strengthened the capabilities.

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